About Us

MTO Attorneys is a well-established level 1 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment boutique law firm founded in 2012 with a long term goal of serving the community in instances where access to professional legal services is an issue. It is for this reason that we have closely aligned ourselves with Legal Insurance Providers.
We believe that legal insurance is the most practical method for the majority of South Africans to ensure access to their rights.
The manner of access is of great importance to us. We feel that the experience our clients have with our firm must be viewed holistically. We practice law differently by applying its principles practically and efficiently saving cost while ensuring that our clients’ desired outcome is achieved.

We have built an excellent infrastructure to deal with the high demands of serving the needs of the panel and private clients as well as corporate businesses. We are located in the Southern Suburbs close to Kenilworth Center and Cavendish Square, Cape Town and our law firm is proud to be associated with various commercial enterprises with a solid client base consisting of listed and unlisted companies, national and international with strong commercial client base.
The paramount challenge in the marketplace remains “professional service”.
We strive to limit professional mandates and growth to our areas of expertise in order to afford quality professional engagement to our clients’ matters.

Our Values


We work with clients and prospects openly, honestly and sincerely.
When we say we will do something, we will do it; when we say we cannot or will not do something, then we will not do it.


We are satisfied with nothing less than the very best in everything we do.
We will continue to raise the bar for everyone. The great fun here will be for all of us to discover just how good we can really be.


The principles that ensure our business success.
We embrace the use of technology to help us run our business and improve the quality of services we provide our clients. Keeping up with tomorrow is as important as being great today.


We treat clients, opposing counsel, Court staff and the Court as we would like to be treated ourselves.
We do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful treatment. Ruthlessness, callousness and arrogance do not belong here.


We have an obligation to communicate. Here, we take the time to talk with one another... and to listen.
We believe that information is meant to move and that information moves people

BEE Policy:

Much like our clients, it is essential that the firm continues to evolve and align its business with the changing marketplace and the needs of its clients.
Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a high priority area for both government and the firm's private clients.
In a concerted effort towards eradicating the inequalities of the past, MTO ATTORNEYS endeavours to provide employment to previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI’s) in positions on all levels of our firm, but to offer training to aspirant black lawyers in becoming competent legal practitioners.An option that was not previously afforded to them.